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Are used for NDT, Cleaning, Repairs, Maintenance.

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CCS Ltd - Established abseiling company offering abseil services for London buildings FREE QUOTATION.

CCS Ltd has established itself as a UK's abseiling company. We have a reputation for delivering first class services. With dedicated attention to providing safe, quality solutions to difficult access problems we have remained at the forefront of our industry for over 10 years.

Founded in 2001, has gained a wide rang of experience in industry, working at high and difficult locations. The use of abseil technicians can generate savings of up to 60% compared to scaffolding companies. Industrial Abseiling is an approved method of achieving a safe work position at height or in difficult to reach areas. We see simple solutions to window cleaning, building cleaning repairs, painting, survey, advertising banners installation, cleaning or repairs of gutter, eyebolt testing and inspection and maintenance problems that appears insurmountable, without a major budget.

working at high and difficult locations

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Will save 60% compared to scaffolding

Rope Access or Scaffolding ?


Rope access provides a more flexible, cost efficient alternative. Technicians can be placed in these difficult location utilizing personal rope access systems which are quickly and efficiently assembled and disassembled.

Our technicians can safely and quickly abseil or climb to any locations and perform preparation, and coatings application without a lot of expensive scaffolding, or heavy equipment.

* Safe
Independently-certified rope-access technicians uphold an enviable safety record with no fatalities and few lost time incidents while working on rope.

* Versatile
Technicians can apply the techniques in a wide variety of environments, from confined-space to large concrete structures and complicated steel installations. Unlike traditional access methods, CCS Ltd can designed to fit various applications quickly and inexpensively.

* Efficient
Systems are installed and dismantled quickly and often require fewer personnel than traditional access methods. Rapid deployment limits disruption to facility operations by minimizing downtime.

Fewer personnel, faster completion, less equipment, and minimal downtime mean lower costs.

Health & Safety


Our company safety procedures ensure that using abseiling contractors on any building and structures can be done safely, quickly and effectively, minimizing project costs.



Abseiling (or absailing as it's often spelt) will save you money over scaffolding companies. We offer cost effective solution to a wide range of high rise building repairs, roofing repairs and maintenance work, abseiling techniques allows virtually any job to be carried out on any building or structures without the need for expensive and disruptive methods such as scaffolding, lifts, or cradles. Will provide you with a safe, innovative and economical approach, tailored to suit your needs.

Our company safety procedures ensure that using abseiling on buildings and structures is done safely email us anytime click for services cscs cards

We provide a fully detailed risk assessment and method statement for each job.

All abseiling contractors / technicians are highly trained and qualified abseilers who can carry out tasks to a highest standards on building set out by the Government's HSE guidelines for an abseiling company to follow.

We can offer any type of building maintenance task from facade painting, high rise window cleaning, concrete repairs, media sign installation and much much more.

As an abseiling company our policy is to provide you with the utmost in service and quality at the most cost effective level. Using our multi-skilled independently trained and assessed technicians.

Industrial abseiling services provides an innovative new approach to high level problems. We are willing to offer advice and FREE site visits to discuss your particular needs regarding all aspects of working at height.

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